Review: EasyJet Economy Class London Stanstead (STN) – Naples (NAP)

Review: EasyJet Economy Class London Stanstead (STN) – Naples (NAP)
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Review: EasyJet Economy Class Naples (NAP) – London Stanstead (STN)

EasyJet EZY3251
London Stanstead (STN) – Naples International Airport (NAP)
Monday, May 22, 2017
Departure: 12:50
Arrival: 16:25
Flight time: 2h 35min
Aircraft: Airbus A319

With all low cost airline there is not much anyone can write when reviewing it. The basic point is – let it be as cheap as possible! Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t. On this occasion I would say it worked sort of, for the late ticket purchase, it worked fine.

EasyJet would be my least favorite low cost airline out of the big three (Ryanair, EasyJet, Wizz Air) and they proved to annoy me again on this flight. The main thing I don’t like about EasyJet is that they are often delayed and they don’t seem to care. Everything is done slow and in such a laid back way, that it’s not surprising they are often delayed. Being late is the thing that passengers don’t like most. And not to be funny but when Ryanair adds 15 min to their arrival time, so they are never late, even when they depart late, it seems more acceptable by passengers. Probably because people book onward transports or other things based on arrival time and when that is not met, they are pissed off.


EasyJet with old and new livery at Stanstead Airport


EasyJet’s Airbus A319

The plane had a new livery but I didn’t know that was their new livery at the time, I am still not sure. It seemed to me very old school, so if that is their new livery, my first impression of it, was that it looks old. To confirm that, the plane inside looked old and well used, all very confusing.


Inside of the plane


Low cost flying has it advantages and disadvantages. If you know how to do it, what to expect and prepare, it’s a great way to travel and see new places. In general the flight was fine, so beside a delay, I cannot complain about anything.


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